SOCIB at CommOCEAN 2016, 2nd International Marine Science Communication Conference

The CommOCEAN conference (6-7 December 2016) took place at the Provincial Court of Bruges, with four major sessions, dealing with big challenges of marine science communication, each of them introduced by a key-note communication expert in that field and by a top marine science key-note with proven communication skills. From there, the various topics were further developed through oral presentations, themed sessions and interactive workshops.

SOCIB participated in CommOCEAN bringing its approach to marine science: scientific excellence with impact and relevance to and for society. SOCIB is also committed to enhance technology development for the sustainable management of coastal and marine environments, providing tools and solutions to meet the needs of society. For that reason, SOCIB presented a web-based educational tool for glider exploration called ‘Follow the Glider’. The objective of this tool is to help students from different grade levels, to find out what autonomous underwater gliders are and gain awareness of their importance for ocean research.

In addition to the workshop, a poster dedicated to the Medclic project was presented in the interactive poster session that stimulated active engagement of the conference participants. ‘Medclic: the Mediterranean in one click’ is a research and dissemination program focused on the scientific, technological and societal approaches of the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) in collaboration with "la Caixa" Foundation.

CommOCEAN as the International Marine Science Communication Conference, was launched by the European Marine Board Communications Panel (EMBCP). The organizers (VLIZ, EMB, EMBCP and UNESCO/IOC/IODE) developed an inspiring, innovative and interactive program with the aim to make a major leap forward in communicating the ocean knowledge. 



Follow the glider was developed by CEFAS, IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) and SOCIB as a part of the European FP7 Project JERICO.