SOCIB participated in the 3rd Workshop of Remote Sensing and SAR exercises organized by the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency

SOCIB participated in the 3rd Remote Sensing and SAR exercises workshop, organized by Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency (SASEMAR) and held in Madrid (12-13 June).

This seminar stands as an ideal forum:

  • To know the main over arching concerns and necessities of the SAR operators and agencies.
  • To motivate the continual improvement of forecast models and the development of new technologies and sensors
  • To promote the creation of customized services
  • To establish synergies between the different projects presented and institutions involved.

SOCIB Modelling and Forecasting System presented the advances in using data assimilation for improving the accuracy of WMOP model predictions and its applications in the lagrangian trajectories calculations (showing many examples from different SAR exercises). It might be highlight WMOP model datase have been downloading more than once a day (177 download along for period January to May 2018) to the R+D EDS (Environmental Data Server) from SASEMAR.

SOCIB HF Radar Facility presented the IBISAR project aiming to improve, validate and promote the service for real-time ranking of met-ocean data products for emergency and SAR operators in the IBI (Iberian - Biscay - Ireland) region. This presentation is set within the context of the promotion actions of the IBISAR project, mainly focused to inform, engage and involve the target user (SASEMAR).

SOCIB would like to take advantage of this news to congratulate SASEMAR for its 25 anniversary with more than 310.000 people assisted. Considering the numbers of the SAR actions, with more than 99 people assisted per day on average during 2017, and two times more people assisted in 2017 in comparison with the previous year due to the dramatically increase of illegal immigration, it seems that the SASEMAR assistance will be increasingly crucial in the next coming years. In this context, theimprovement of model forecasts and the development of customized services and technology are essential for enhancing the SAR actions efficiency.

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