SOCIB HFR data are now available at CMEMS INSTAC

SOCIB HF radar surface currents have already been integrated as operational component of CMEMS INSTAC, as a result of a coordinated effort together with AZTI and CNR-ISMAR in the context of the project CMEMS-INSTAC-phase II.

The new product containing the dataset, is entirely dedicated to the routine observation of the surface currents of the ocean in near-real time, and is available in the recently upgraded CMEMS catalogue (V5) for the In Situ TAC Service. It is a crucial step towards integrating the European Coastal Radar Network into the Copernicus Marine Service aiming to monitor the surface currents around our coast in support to the Blue Growth.

For more information about the coastal radar dataset and its related documentation visit the product INSITU_GLO_UV_NRT_OBSERVATIONS_013_048 at the CMEMS catalogue.