SOCIB present at JERICO-NEXT Final General Assembly

SOCIB has participated in the JERICO-NEXT Final General Assembly, held in Brest (France), 2-5 July 2019.

The JERICO framework vision is to improve and innovate the cooperation in coastal observatories in Europe by implementing the coastal part of a European Ocean Observing System. In support of this framework, the objectives of JERICO-NEXT focus on strengthening and enlarging a world class European network providing operational services for the timely, continuous and sustainable delivery of high quality environmental data and information products related to the marine environment in European coastal seas. In so-being, the JERICO-NEXT objectives are closely aligned with the SOCIB mission.

The JERICO community is putting in place the JERICO-RI, a long-term framework providing high-quality marine data, expertise and infrastructures for Europe’s coastal seas. The information derived from both data and model simulations are multidisciplinary, standardised, quality controlled, sustained, interoperable and free to access and use. SOCIB’s involvement is multi-facetted and covers world class data collection, QC and life-cycle management, transnational access (TNA) through both virtual and platform based routes, access to leading edge operational modelling, through to innovative outreach platforms for all levels from Safety at Sea through commercial and personal interest, to educational products for all age groups.

JERICO-NEXT has received funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 654410. 

SOCIB contributions at JERICO-NEXT Final GA

  • John Allen et alField correction of ocean glider data. 2 Jul 2019. Session: WP5 - Jerico Next Data Management. Oral Presentation (PPSX)
  • Joaquín Tintoré et alAlgerian Basin Circulation Unmanned Surveys (ABACUS 3 and ABACUS 4). 3 Jul 2019. Session: WP7 - Transnational Access (TNA). Oral presentation (PDF)
  • Cristian Muñoz et alSOCIB Data Lifecycle: Focussing on the provision of VA capabilities for end users. 3 Jul 2019. Session: WP6 - Virtual Access (VA). Oral presentation (PDF)
  • Joaquín Tintoré & Cristian Muñoz. JERICO e-Infrastructure in J-S3. 3 Jul 2019. Session: WP6 - Virtual Access (VA). Oral presentation (PDF)
  • Cristian Muñoz et alSOCIB Products & Services: Providing VA capabilities for end users. 3 Jul 2019. Session WP6 - Virtual Access (VA). Poster (PDF)
  • Baptiste Mourre. Operational oceanography and coastal forecasting. 4 Jul 2019. Session 1: WP3+ WP4 “Science and Techno Day” (JRAP 6 (20’+ 5’). Oral presentation.
  • Jaime Hernandez-Lasheras et alImpact of hf radar data assimilation on surface currents in the Ibiza channel. 4 Jul 2019. Session: WP4. Poster (PDF).

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